What if you could design a life beyond your wildest dreams? Who would you become?

Master of YOU™ takes you on a journey through the five elements of Ayurveda, helping you to align your life with your potential by offering a five point system to synchronize your body, your home, and your time with your ambition.
“A bold blueprint for living your best life.”

Rod Stryker

Author of The Four Desires, faculty member at Yoga International

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In Master of YOU™, Cate Stillman guides you in how to empower every aspect of your own evolution. Through inquiry and dozens of practices, Master of YOU™ offers instructions on how to organize your home (space), optimize your biorhythms (earth), clarify your ambitions (fire), realign your relationship with time (air), and embody integrity and flow in your daily life (water).
With Master of YOU™, now you can reorient towards what makes you thrive, bridging the gap between the possible and the actual.
Katie Silcox
“Read this book if you want to add jet fuel to your life dreams.”

Katie Silcox

New York Times best-selling author of Healthy, Happy, Sexy

“Master of YOU™ innovates on ancient human wisdom to wake each and every one of us up to the core of our unique life and personal purpose.”

Jimmy Chin

Academy Award winner, Best Documentary, Free Solo

Elena Brower
“A masterful map to help you actualize your potential in the world.”

Elena Brower

Best-selling author of Practice You

“A practical and compelling case to heed ancient wisdom in modern times to enrich your life and the lives of those around you.”

Paul Jarvis

Best-selling author of Company of One

HeatherAsh Amara
“Master of YOU™ is like having a skilled, compassionate coach take your hand and direct you to live your best life.”

HeatherAsh Amara

Author of Warrior Goddess Training, Warrior Goddess Wisdom, and The Warrior Heart Practice

“This book offers a no-nonsense approach to knowing what you want, and making it happen.”

Kate O’Donnell

Author of The Everyday Ayurveda Guide to Self-Care and The Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook

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Master of You Workbook

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Bonus Workbook:

The 72 Page Master of YOU™ Workbook includes all of the worksheets mentioned in Body Thrive, including the meal planner, habit instructional worksheets, tongue charts, and habit evolution worksheets.

Bonus Audios:

Deeper Dream 1-1 Session
Meet with our best coach to help you unearth your deeper dream and next action steeps. If we can help you get there faster or more easily, we’ll let you know exactly how.

5 Elements of Productivity Tip Sheet

Which habits have you automated? Which are you missing?

How to Sit For Meditation

A meditation audio to help you sit with good posture and ease for meditation.

Expand Your Inner Space Audio

A meditation audio to guide you deeper into where you are now.

Recalibrating Practice

A meditation audio to help you sit with good posture and ease for meditation.

You Are the Five Element

A meditation audio to guide you deeper into where you are now.

Slow Your Breath to Slow Down Time

A meditation audio to help you sit with good posture and ease for meditation.

Who Breath

A meditation audio to guide you deeper into where you are now.

Ground Rules for Dynamic Groups

This should be used to tell a story about your product or service and how it works. How can you benefit them?

Hello, I’m Cate Stillman…
founder of Yogahealer in 2001

I’m the author of Master of YOU™ (2020), Body Thrive™ (reprinted 2019), the founder of Yogahealer and Yoga Health Coaching, and a mom, wife and avid paddleboard surfer, skier and mountain biker. My professional background is in Ayurvedic Medicine and Yoga Philosophy and Therapeutics.

My writing is focused on how to apply wisdom from the ancient traditions of Ayurvedic Medicine and Yoga Philosophy to guide people into a life of thrive and a life of purposeful meaning.

I’m also an entrepreneur and an innovative curriculum creator. My courses include the Yogidetox™ – since 2002; Living Ayurveda Course – since 2007; Yoga Health Coaching Certification – since 2012; Body Thrive™ – since 2014; and Awake Living – since 2016.

In releasing my second book, Master of YOU™, with Sounds True Publishing, I’m guiding professionals who want to leverage their skills and competencies to step into a life that checks more boxes. More time. More money. More impact. More flow. Deeper integrity.

That is what Master of YOU™ is for…. and it’s corresponding course community.

More About The Master of YOU™
Book + Guided Course

Aligning your ambition into real-time dramatically impacts your better future. In Master of YOU™ holistic leadership expert, Cate Stillman guides you into 5 Core Elements to shape your life into the life you want next, based on Ayurveda that will invigorate and steer your deeer dreams into fruition, and create deep alignment in your life. From activating your core ethos to steer how you use time, to aligning to your natural biorhythms, Cate leads you into gradual progress through a specific repeatable processs. Master of YOU™ leads you step-by-step to catalyze more time for your true ambitions, cultivate more powerful relationships, and evolve your personal spaces to switch on your next identity evolution.

You don’t want the shortcuts. You want practical tools, skills, and habits to align your life to your dharma today delivered in a way that resonates with your soul. You want the innovative solutions that are quick to apply and instantly illuminate their bigger choices in life. And you wouldn’t mind being entertained and shedding physical or psychological dead weight in the process.

Burried Dreams
Master of YOU Coaching

With Master of YOU™ Coaching you can expect:

  • To harness your ambition in real-time
  • Define your purpose for the next chapter of your life
  • Know your dharma.
  • Design your life with the 5 Elements could do for you
  • Master your space and shape your time to hit your goals.
  • Align Your Body Rhythms for resilience, adaptability and true power.

You gain control of your time. You steer your own ship. You determine your next chapter, and you reiterate on a success system to turn distant dreams into reality. All the while you experience an easeful orientation to your day-to-day awareness and mastery of the body habits for radiant longevity.

Guided by Cate, you develop habits, rituals, skills, and tools that build your capacities for a life of exponential value. This impact (and the new skills) overflow through your personal lives into your careers, their families, and their communities — including virtual communities.

You own your own unique powers and potentials with a roadmap for further development. How to start? Schedule a Dream Session.

Want to evolve your habits?

Want to activate your ambition?

Cate is a world-class coach who guides successful people into even greater ambitions.

Want to active your next dream into reality, fast?

Your next step is a free Awaken Your Dream Session.

Schedule this session to clarify exactly how you want the next phase of your life to go.


Do it while you’re dreaming big…

If you are a fit to be in Cate’s Master of YOU™ group, you’ll find out more.

Get Coached by Cate
+ the Awake Living Team

Take back your time, refine your space, increase your capacity, and live a life of dharma.

Dharma is the duty to live the life that only you can live. Dharma will access all of your unique genius, life experience, skills, assets and resources to become only who YOU can become. We believe that living a life of purpose, aligned action with dharma, leads you to become the greatest version of yourself.

Cate Stillman’s Awake Living Course is for people committed to a growth path who want to synchronize their body, their home and their time with their ambitions. This is a dharma, or life-purpose course, that is innovative, and practical for you to invent your life in line with your goals. That’s a lot. And that’s where we shine.

The five-element theory from Ayurveda is especially sophisticated and honed to help humans evolve in body, culture, spirit and purpose. Each element – space, air, fire, water, and earth – behold an essential power. Awake Living is the course for those who want to accelerate their progress and expand their potential.

This course is Cate Stillman’s guided implementation practice community for her newest book, Master of You (Sounds True, March 2020). Both are based on the ancient 5-element theory from Ayurveda and Yoga, with simple core competencies and action steps to activate personal and collective potential. This work is innovative, futuristic yet ancient, timely and impactful.

Awake Living reconnects you to the five elements to design the future you want to experience. You become skillful in perceiving and directing the five elements, steering toward your ambitions—daily, seasonally, annually, and through the stages of your life. Simultaneously, the Awake Living Course awakens your joy, ease, creativity, health, and relationships. Through developing your hidden powers of space, earth, fire, air, and water, you captain your life from your soul. Your identity, your sense of time, your dharma will expand. You will expand and make a deep shift from unconscious stress to purposeful ease.

In the Awake Living Course, you will befriend the elements as you activate your hero’s or heroine’s journey into your unique creative potential, your dharma. Cate and the Awake Living Mentors guide you through synchronizing your home, your body, your vision, and your time so you can experience a life of flow and integrity in fulfilling your ambition.